April 4, 2016

Spring Deck Plans!


Hey guys, ahhh we just got back from a much needed Spring Break getaway and a good time was had by all!  Yes I'm feeling relaxed and refreshed and ready to get back to work with a few Client Projects underway.

However today I'm sharing our Spring decks plans and without a doubt the color that has me inspired this Spring is classic navy blue!

Okay if you'll remember we used a solid stain on our deck one year ago and overall are happy with the results.  

A few deck boards still need to be replaced due pine sap issues.  But the deck is a huge improvement and we are loving the dark brown stain much more than the previous solid stain.  Here's a Before & After...

And the After...

Doesn't it look much better?  In the Before picture there's nothing grounding this space, and the deck appears to almost float away from the house.  Now with the darker stain, the deck is literally grounded with contrast and dimension.  This project was a huge improvement!  If you missed it, check out our diy deck - solid stain makeover here.

Last Spring I started decorating this outdoor space with red accessories and I really liked it.  But when the nice people at dfohome.com sent me a great navy blue outdoor umbrella, I quickly changed my decorating plan.  Yes navy blue is calling my name!  I simply love how this color feels both classic and modern at the same time!  Okay so stay tuned.  I'll follow up with pictures of our newly decorated deck.  As well as a Review of this blue umbrella that literally changed my whole design plan :)

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