November 20, 2015

Friday Favorites...

Hey guys, here's my Friday Five... 

I've been helping a friend finish decorating her family room after she ordered the most awesome mac daddy L shaped sectional from Crate & Barrel.  Below I've sourced some stylish and affordable finds to finish this room with style & function.

Now the jury is still out on the pillows.  I think my friend, who has two active kiddos and a dog, wants pillows that are more family friendly in darker fabrics. So were still on the lookout for those.  But check out these fabulous finds...

Champagne Ribbed Ceramic Table Lamp - Overstock   $128.69 sale

Kyra Side Table - Crate & Barrel   $399

Vince Metal Clad Accent Stool - Pottery Barn   $299

Custom Pillows - Etsy   $50 - $75 each

Berkeley 3 Coffee Table - Wayfair   $555

Ahhh, love this lamp with it's retro shape, as well as the clean lines of the Kyra side table from Crate & Barrel.  The pillows have pattern and texture and help reinforce the room's color scheme.  The drum table with it's texture and shine is like jewelry for the room!

And the coffee table.  This table is so much better in person than it appears in the picture.  At 40 inches square, it's a big table!  And with the gray metal and wood top, has an industrial vibe that works so well with her modern sectional. 

Okay guys that's my Friday five!  TGIF :)

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November 3, 2015

Color Crush: Navy Blue Walls!


Today I thought I'd share my latest color crush - cool and crisp navy blue walls!   Now as you know gray is THE color trend right now in home decor.  And I can't say enough great things about gray.  It's modern, fresh and makes spaces feel light and airy.  I love that!  

But we also have to be careful with gray, because too much gray in a home can feel cold and sterile.  So it's great to have other color choices to help mix things up.  And if your looking to add a little drama and/or contrast to a space, then classic navy blue is a great choice.

Ahhh, not feeling the blues here ;)

And did you notice the one thing all these rooms have in common?  White.  Navy and white and/or heirloom white make a beautiful combination.  And navy isn't just for coastal spaces either.  So if your home has lots of natural light, and you've been craving some color and contrast...think about classic navy blue for a super fresh look!

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October 28, 2015

Target Style - Accent Table Love!


Hey guys, so the other day I was shopping at my local Target store looking for a Halloween costume of all things, when I kept seeing all of these awesome little accent tables!  And in three separate sections of the store too.  I was swooning over the updated styles, but also the price points as many are less than $100.  Then when I got home I sourced a few online and was blown away at their selection!

Yes these lovelies are stylish and affordable - two of my favorite things in design.  But they're functional too for stacking a few magazines and/or coasters for wine time ;)  Here's what caught my eye...

End Table - Oak   $62

Ahhh, I love them all especially the gold and oak end tables!  Aren't they fabulous?  And so great when designing a room on a budget using high - low price points.  Okay you can't deny it...Target may be on the low end, but they simply have great finds ;)

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October 14, 2015

Design Board - French Provincial Girl's Bedroom!


Hey guys, the other day a friend asked me to recommend a paint color for her daughters bedroom which has wall to wall carpeting in a very unique teal green color.  So I got to work and created a budget friendly design board for this space using Benjamin Moore's Gray Owl.
French Provincial Girl's Bedroom

The main furniture pieces in this room are vintage french provincial and I love this style!   It's feminine and sophisticated without being too little girl.   Here I've paired this furniture with a fun & colorful bohemian style comforter set from, are you ready for this, Walmart!  Yes Walmart must be stepping up their home decor because this quilt set looks like a Trina Turk design!  It's from their Better Home's and Garden collection and is so affordable too.  Okay here's a source list for all the other lovelies in this budget friendly space...

1.  Jeweled Damask Quilt Collection  - Walmart  $49
2.  French Provincial Furniture  - Etsy  
3.  Shag Fur Pillow   - Target   $45
Orange Moroccan Throw Pillow  -   $32.99
Dream Accent Pillow  -  Kirkland's   $19.99
4.  Teardrop Chandelier  -  Pottery Barn   $149
5.  Garden Framed Art Prints  -  Kirkland's   $16.99
6.  French Ceramic Table Lamp  -  Target   $99.99
7.  Gray Owl - Benjamin Moore

So I've not only mixed styles in this design, but price points too!   We've got a Walmart comforter paired with a Pottery Barn chandelier.  And these two items together cost less than $200... Amazing!  For me this is what I love about budget decorating - getting a high end look, on a low end budget!

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October 2, 2015

Dining Room Makeover Finally Finished - Before & After

Hey guys, notice anything different around here?  We've got a brand new blog and business name!  We are now The Collected Interior.  If you're new here Welcome!  And if you check in every now and then I hope you like all the changes.  Also feel free to check out the new business website here.

 today I'm sharing our light & bright dining room makeover!  This room used to be warm and dramatic with deep sienna walls that at the time were intended to be a modern version of the red dining room trend that was so popular a decade ago.

Now keep in mind this makeover didn't happen overnight.  It actually happened one project at a time over the course of like 2 years.  What can I say with two expensive teenagers my decorating budget is tight.  But I always find a way to get things done.  Eventually :)


And here's the After...

Ahhh, this room is now light and bright as well as comfortable and casual.  You guys I LOVE THIS SPACE!  Before it was the formal dining room that we rarely used.  But now we really use this space.  My husband even sets up his office here when working from home!

So check out this beautiful rug above!  Medallion rugs sent me this beauty a few years ago and I still love it.  It's an authentic persian rug and the craftsmanship and detail are Amazing.   And this pretty gold mirror below was a great find at a local home decor / antique store for just $75.  Total score.  And I think it really works with our antique sideboard.

And the last main purchase that completely transformed this space, besides the new paint color, are the chairs!  They're from World Market and totally updated my almost 16 year old dining table!  The head chairs have a subtle wing back vibe and the other four are just basic upholstered chairs.  But I was sold on the fact that they are slipcovered... so versatile!

Okay guys that's the scoop on our dining room makeover!  Next week I'm linking this redo to these fabulous parties.

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September 22, 2015

Table Lamps - 4 less!


Hola!  Today I thought I'd pop in to share a few budget friendly table lamps.  There are a few home accessories that I literally can't get enough of and according to my hubby - that I MAY have a problem with, ha!  One is throw pillows and a close second is table lamps.  The reason I love lamps, in addition to being functional, is they offer big design impact without spending a lot of money.  And they're easy to switch out or relocate as my decorating style changes and evolves.  

So check out my picks for table lamps that are functional, stylish and the best part - easy on the pocketbook...

Lenore Glass Table Lamp - Overstock   $137.61

Ceramic Faceted Table Lamp - Kirkland's   $79.99

Milk Glass Table Lamp - JC Penney   $110

Bamboo Basket Table Lamp - Hayneedle  $169.91

Teardrop Luxe Lamp - Pier One   $79

Wade Logan 24" Table Lamp -   $148.99 (set of 2)

Ahhh, so many great choices here, I love these!  My favorite is the faceted ceramic lamp from Kirkland's - what a great find!  And the mercury glass lamp from Overstock is beautiful as well.  Finally, the Wade Logan lamp from Wayfair is not only stylish with it's modern gourd design, but affordable too at around $75 each.

Okay take a second look at your lamps.  If they've seen better days it may be time to add a few new ones to the mix.  And light up your space in style!

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September 8, 2015

Inspiration... nearly white walls!


Hey guys, it's great to be back!  Wow with the start of the new school year for my kids and my hubby's new job (woot woot!) life has simply gotten in the way of the blog.  And that happens from time to time.  But I can't stay away too long.  It feeds my creative soul to pop in here and share what I love.  Like these photos you notice one thing they all have in common?

These spaces all have nearly white walls!  And I can't get enough of this classic look.  So much so that the hubby and I are in the process of painting our home office white.  Well not a bright white.  But a creamy light white called SW - Natural Choice.  So whether it's a white with cool gray undertones or a white with warm creamy undertones, there is no doubt if you want your home to feel more spacious with tons of natural light - then paint your walls a shade of white!

Okay check out the lightness!  All images sourced from Houzz!

Wow I don't think there is anything more welcoming in a home than a light and bright entryway.  Love this traditional space above!

I love these cool white walls above in contrast to the warm wood tones in the office furniture.

These walls read white above.  However if you look closely, they are not the same color as the bright white trim paint.  The wall color appears to be a white with gray undertones.  Very light and fresh!

Ahhh, isn't this laundry room just a breath of fresh air?  I would not mind doing laundry here :)

This room above has some great contrast with it's white walls and black lighting and accents.

And one last look at another space with nearly white walls, white trim moulding and what looks like a light gray painted shiplap ceiling, LOVE!  Okay if your home's paint colors are looking dark and dated.  It may be time for a paint color refresh with a simple shade of white.

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