August 25, 2015

Diy - Deck Makeover w/ Solid Stain!


Hey guys, today I thought I'd pop in to share our big ole' backyard deck and grill prep area makeover! 

Here's the Before below.  This old deck is original to the house built in 88'.  This Spring we looked at the deck boards and knew they had to go.  They were old, weather beaten and splintered.  So we ripped up the old boards, then we hired a friend and neighbor to lay the new boards.  After that the hubby and I set out to stain this baby.


For this outdoor space I wanted the deck to have a sophisticated and modern look to go with our brick home.  And to flow nicely with our screened porch and dark hardwoods inside the house, so we chose a dark brown solid stain.

Here's the deck stain after just one application and still wet.

 Here's the After below all prettied up with pillows and poufs.  The umbrella is from Crate & Barrel and the pouffs are older from Target.  I don't have a close up of the sectional yet because I'm still searching for the perfect pillows.

Ahhh, seeing all this color when I walk outside makes me smile. I don't use a lot of color inside our home as I'm more of a neutral gal.  But I think it's important to have color somewhere in a home.  And for us, outside is the perfect place!

So the hubby and i have been talking for years about making an area just below our deck into an outdoor grill and prep area with simple gravel and metal edging.  We ripped out and relocated a few of the plants, leveled the area, and then laid the edging and gravel.

And here it is mostly finished below.  I still need to put plants in those pots.  But wow, we love this area!  And my hubby found that handmade table just below the deck on craigslist for only $100.  It's the perfect place to set a platter full of burgers or a drink.  LOVE, LOVE!  My hubby rocked this simple project below.

Okay guys so that's our Diy solid stain deck makeover!  As well as our outdoor grill & prepare area.  We love having this outdoor space for entertaining and just hanging out with family and friends.

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  1. Replies
    1. Thanks we love that area too! It's so functional, yet still looks great!

  2. Jane,
    Oh...I love your deck area and the new grilling area was an awesome idea and looks great! Thank you for sharing at my party today (please don't forget to add my party name with a link back to my blog at the bottom of your post/thank you :))


    1. Thanks Linda, and I just linked back to your party at the bottom of my post :)

  3. Jane, I think it looks great, but I understand that you want more shine. I wonder if Rust-Oleum or Thompson's Water Seal would have something you could use (and maybe they'd send you some product to try, too!). Thanks for linking this gorgeous space up at this month's Pretty Preppy Party!

    1. Thats a great idea Christy! Think I may contact them with my dilemma. Thanks again for hosting!

  4. I love the dark color Jane!! But ugggg - that is frustrating about the sheen not turning out like you envisioned. I wonder if a spar urethane in a gloss finish would just end up being a pain and need more maintenance than the solid stain on it's own. Your grille area came out great too by the way - I love that idea!

    1. Thanks Lisa! I'm with you - I'm sure a spar urethan would make the deck look beautiful at first. But then we'd have maintenance issues forever!!! And my husband would kill me ;) I'm leaning towards a Cabot paint/stain.

  5. Looks wonderful Jane! Love the color you chose for the deck!

  6. Jane - I might have missed it, but I promise I read this post a few times. What color/product did you use for the floor boards and railing? I'd love to do a similar palette on our new deck!


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