August 20, 2015

Mix it up! An Eclectic Design Board, Chairish & More...


Hey guys, today I thought I'd share an Eclectic Design Board that I created several months ago.  What I love about this board is that the look is both eclectic and timeless.  Yes this design would look great today and will still look great in 5,10 or more years!  And that my friends is what I love about timeless design.  It's not trendy.  It's not about what's "hot" or "in style" today.  It just works on so many levels.

I decided to create a Chinoiserie inspired design board after I first visited the site Chairish several months ago.  At Chairish you can buy and sell vintage furniture, decor, jewelry and accessories on-line.  And surfing through their huge inventory of antique & vintage furniture is so much fun!  

Now if you look at the board above, there are only three pieces that I sourced from Chairish - the two chinoiserie vases and the Chippendale bamboo chair.  The other furnishings and home accessories are very simple and traditional.  So my point is don't let your home's decor fall flat!  Add a few vintage pieces to the mix for added style and personality! 

Here's what caught my eye on Chairish's site today...

Ahhh, I LOVE these one of a kind pieces!  Especially that vintage bar cabinet.  Yes I could see myself whipping up a dirty martini there on the week-ends ;)

Okay guys look around your home.  Do you own a few one of a kind vintage or antique pieces?  If not check out Chairish.  Or if their price points are too high, check out your local flea markets or consignment shops.  For me, it's all about the mix, eclectic design and surrounding yourself with home furnishings that you LOVE.

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  1. Love it, love it, love it. When can I move into that room?!? Thanks for sharing with us at the Pretty Preppy Party. xx, b


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