August 12, 2015

Local Marriott Campaign...hashtag your Instagram photos #DesignCharlotte and win!


Hey guys, I'm so excited to be participating in a fun new campaign sponsored by the Marriott Charlotte City Hotel which is currently undergoing a huge renovation.  The idea is simple and fun... share your favorite pictures of our beautiful city including uptown areas & cityscapes, restaurants, parks, businesses etc... on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook with the hash tag #DesignCharlotte

 Your photos could be a street performer, a ballpark, a local craft beer, a museum, or anything else that inspires you!  And for me as a Decorator, I plan to post a few photos showcasing the Charlotte area Interior Design & Decorating scene!  Ahhh yes this is right up my alley.

 Oh and did I mention a Winner will be chosen for a grand prize getaway?  Yes sir.  And if that doesn't inspire you to get your Instagram ON I don't know what will!  Okay today I thought it would be fun to feature several photos that have already been submitted. 

Let's swoon over our fabulous Queen City shall we?

Wow, I LOVE this town!

Okay so if you live in Charlotte, or are visiting... go snap some photos, and share them with the hashtag #DesignCharlotte.  And if you search the hashtag on Instagram, you'll find tons of great restaurants and attractions that are totally worth visiting too from the hippest restaurants in NoDa to the coolest spots Uptown.

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