September 8, 2015

Inspiration... nearly white walls!


Hey guys, it's great to be back!  Wow with the start of the new school year for my kids and my hubby's new job (woot woot!) life has simply gotten in the way of the blog.  And that happens from time to time.  But I can't stay away too long.  It feeds my creative soul to pop in here and share what I love.  Like these photos you notice one thing they all have in common?

These spaces all have nearly white walls!  And I can't get enough of this classic look.  So much so that the hubby and I are in the process of painting our home office white.  Well not a bright white.  But a creamy light white called SW - Natural Choice.  So whether it's a white with cool gray undertones or a white with warm creamy undertones, there is no doubt if you want your home to feel more spacious with tons of natural light - then paint your walls a shade of white!

Okay check out the lightness!  All images sourced from Houzz!

Wow I don't think there is anything more welcoming in a home than a light and bright entryway.  Love this traditional space above!

I love these cool white walls above in contrast to the warm wood tones in the office furniture.

These walls read white above.  However if you look closely, they are not the same color as the bright white trim paint.  The wall color appears to be a white with gray undertones.  Very light and fresh!

Ahhh, isn't this laundry room just a breath of fresh air?  I would not mind doing laundry here :)

This room above has some great contrast with it's white walls and black lighting and accents.

And one last look at another space with nearly white walls, white trim moulding and what looks like a light gray painted shiplap ceiling, LOVE!  Okay if your home's paint colors are looking dark and dated.  It may be time for a paint color refresh with a simple shade of white.

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  1. Jane, I have been thinking about white walls lately too! I was wondering if it was summer but no, now that fall is on it's way I'm still drawn to them. So light and bright! Hope you had a great summer!!

    1. Hi Lisa, I couldn't stop thinking about them too! So we painted our home office a super warm shade of white. And it looks so good next to our light gray walls in the family room. Will share soon :)


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