March 11, 2016

Friday Favorites... Navy Blue, Fiddle Fig & a Faux Sisal Rug!


Hey guys, wow it's been a busy week!  I have two new wonderful clients and have been hard at work creating Design Boards and sourcing home furnishings and accessories.  But I wanted to pop in today to share my Five Friday Favorites from the week!


Ahhh, the Josephine desk from World Market.  I love this desk!  And bought one this week for my 14 year old daughter to replace her old vintage wicker desk.  Love the pop of white against her turquoise painted walls, as well as those clean - modern lines. And it costs only $199, total score!

 I love the natural look of sisal and jute rugs, but not the price.  So I've been on a mission to find a natural looking and durable rug for our home office - incidentally where my dogs hang out while I work or blog!  

And what I found is an indoor/outdoor rug that looks like sisal or jute, but is man made!   It's dark enough that it doesn't show dirt, and strong enough that the weave stays put.  We love it!  And it cost way less than real sisal, seagrass or jute rugs.  We found ours at Lowe's and it's made by Allen & Roth.  Love, love!

Scored this candle from Home Goods the other day and my whole family loves it!  Of course I love the navy blue color, but the scent is so fresh and clean.  And it was $7.99.  Gotta love that price!

Okay guys, see this gorgeous Fiddle Fig Tree above?  I've been on the hunt for one of these for well over two years now.  I've heard you can find them at Home Depot and Ikea.  Well I've checked off and on for years and cannot find one, ugh!  So I've given up on the local search and have found them here, online.  No more searching.  I just ordered one the other day.  done!

And finally, this coastal pillow is my inspiration for our outdoor screened porch and deck this Spring.  And navy blue, tan and white will be our color scheme.  I actually just received navy blue deck umbrella recently in the mail to Review!  And I am so excited  because I have been craving more navy blue in our home.  And decorating outdoor spaces is one of my favorite things!

Okay that my friends is my Friday Five!  I've grown to love this post.  Because sharing what I love makes me HAPPY!   Have a great week-end :)

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