June 19, 2015

Add Curb Appeal w/ a Front Door Refresh!


Hey guys, wow the first weeks of Summer are flying by!  Between my son's travel baseball and my daughter's diving team...we've been non stop.

Well I'm very excited to be a contributor for another article in the Charlotte Observer tomorrow in their Home Design section!  And the subject is - Front Door Curb Appeal!  So today I thought I'd share our front door refresh!

The easiest way to make a front entrance more welcoming is by giving your front door a fresh coat of paint.  Thankfully our black painted door cleaned up nice so that will be another project for another year ;)

I did however plant new plants in our urns.  I used sweet potato vine and red petunias.  However this vine grows so fast, it's taken over and now the flowers are hardly visible.  What I need are colorful flowers that are tall and that will be visible above the vine -  so this week-end I'm on the hunt for those.

A few months ago we added new carriage style lights to our brick colonial home (in three separate entrances) and are loving this classic look.  I also hung a very large American flag by our front door.  I like how the large scale of the flag adds balance and proportion to our tall portico.  And of course I love supporting our Troops!  #USA #Proud

Because flags and door mats fade over time, to save money I usually purchase these at either Lowe's or even Target and switch them out every year or two.  So with just a few new outdoor accessories our front entrance is now warm and welcoming for our family, friends and neighbors! 

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