July 1, 2015

Fabulous Houseplants - Ferns!


Hey guys!  Today I'm sharing several inspiration photos with one of my all time favorite plants...ferns!  We use potted ferns to flank two separate entrances of our home - the side and back entrance to our screened porch and really love this shade loving plant.

However these photos below feature ferns used inside the home.  Yes they make great houseplants so bring them inside and watch your space come to life!

  All photos sourced from my favorite on-line design rescource...Houzz.

Ferns thrive inside because they love shade and don't do well in direct sunlight.

These ferns above look Amazing in this large mid century modern brick planter.  They really make a statement in this minimally decorated space.

This large fern above brings the outside in and adds softness to the clean, mid century modern lines in this kitchen.

This type fern above is called a Maidenhair.  I've read they can be difficult to maintain but love warm and humid environments, so they are perfect in bathrooms.

I love this idea!  If you have a fireplace that doesn't work or isn't used.  Place a potted fern directly in front.

This is pretty for an entryway.  Place a fern on the edge of a bench or table.  I love simple decorating ideas like this!

Ahhh, another Maidenhair fern!  I love their soft and delicate foliage.

Finally, ferns make great vase filler!  For an affordable decorating idea skip the expensive store bought flowers and use fern clippings from your yard.  I love this look above!  Okay guys, ferns...they're not just for outside the home.  Bring them inside because in the right spot, they make excellent houseplants!

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