May 19, 2015

Favorite House Plant - Orchids!


Hey guys, guess what - I have a new favorite house plant!  It's the always exotic & beautiful orchid.  I've actually never bought them before because I've heard they can be difficult to maintain and I do not have a green thumb.  Well so far so good, because the orchid that I picked up from Home Depot a few weeks ago is alive and well ;)  Time will tell but so far it's been very easy to maintain.  Per the helpful Garden Center employee, I was told to lay two ice cubes below the leaves in the pot once per week.  Now that I can do!!

Okay I am fully aware that this is not the watering method most orchid enthusiasts recommend.  However, I was told they can live for years like this so I'm giving it a shot!  I figure if it dies, I can always buy another and water it the conventional way.

Here's my new orchid below...

Today I thought it would be fun to share more pictures and inspirations of my new found love for orchids.  All images sourced from my favorite place for Design Inspiration...Houzz!    

Ahhh, I am in LOVE with this flowering plant and for so many reasons.  I love colorful orchids because they add a fun pop of color to any space.  And the white ones look great either in monochromatic spaces, or they contrast nicely against dark painted walls.  Orchids make perfect dining room centerpieces and look beautiful in entryways or even bathrooms. They are so can put them almost anywhere in your home!  

Just remember to put them in areas that have plenty of light (not direct).   Also do not water them too much, as this will lead to root rot.  Interesting but orchids in nature don't grow in soil.  But rather they grow on other objects, like bark or stone for example.  

Okay for even more great info on how to successfully maintain orchids click here.

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  1. I've been seeing tiny orchids at HEB for $5. Wonder where I could put one that the cat couldn't eat? (: They are so lovely, they don't look real, sometimes.

    1. I agree, they are beautiful flowers!! I didn't know cats eat them. Thanks for the info!!


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