May 13, 2015

Modern Deck Makeover - plans!


Hey guys, I'm so excited!  We're giving our 25 year old deck a full on Makeover and this new outdoor space is sure to add comfort and style to our classic brick home.  Here's the Design Board (plan) below...

 If you'll remember a few weeks ago I shared our screened porch refresh...

So once the screened porch was updated with new pillows and accessories,  I turned my attention to our deck and just wasn't feelin' the space anymore.  Even my hubby agreed.  The deck just wasn't connecting with our screened porch, and the deck boards were ruined from 25 years of sun exposure and foot traffic.

So we ripped up the old deck boards and left the main structure and railings in tact as they are still in good condition and structurally sound.  My plan is to stain the deck boards a dark brown and paint the railings and spindles the color of the trim on our house, a light cream.

Here's a simple inspiration photo I found on Pinterest...

If you'll look at the Before picture of our old deck, we just never used the space.  The table was clunky and heavy and it was awkward for the person sitting in the corner.  So I said to my husband one day - we really just need a simple space where we can relax and read the paper on Sunday mornings, or have a cocktail in the evenings while grilling.

Then it hit me, an outdoor sectional sofa would be PERFECT nestled right in the corner of the deck!  It would save space, and offer the clean and modern lines I love so much.  In fact I saw this picture below on Pinterest and was totally inspired...

This sectional above is from Ikea, and I like it.  But I wanted the brown wicker to be darker and have more depth.   Here's the affordable sectional I found on-line from good ole' Tar-jay.  We purchased it with an ottoman and without an end piece.  So the sectional will be much smaller than shown here.  And the Reviews were excellent.  I love the color of the all weather wicker, as well as the clean lines and neutral cushions.

And here's one more look at the Design Board below I made for this space!  We've got examples of our existing ferns that flank the entrance to the screened porch.  I'll use a few of the PB Cabana Striped Pillows for contrast.  And color!  I plan to use an eclectic mix of PB pillows in colorful oranges, corals and deeper reds.

Okay guys, I am seriously so excited for this new outdoor space!  My husband has already ripped out the old boards - took him two full days!  Then we hired a wonderful neighbor, friend and handyman to lay the new boards.  And now we're staining the new deck boards ourselves which, with all this rain, is slowly but surely coming together.

And when the deck is finished, I will share it here!  So stay tuned guys.  And if you stop by every now and again to check out our client projects, design and Diy adventures...thank you!  This little place on the Internet is very much my creative place.  And being creative makes me happy :)

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  1. I'm in the process of decorating my screened in gazebo on our deck. I love the outdoor furniture. Do you put the cushions away all the time or leave them out? I love the furniture you chose!

    1. Thanks Lauren! We usually put our cushions away for a couple of months during the Winter months. Thankfully our Carolina Winters are very mild.

  2. Hi awesome look! How did you attach the umbrella to the deck??

    1. Ian my hubby got so creative with this. He attached a section of pvc pipe to the outside of the deck support post with a u shaped clamp, and one lag bolt at the bottom of the pvc pipe. And used a bolt & nut to determine height, so the umbrella sits at the correct level. So when I use our umbrella, I just slide it into the pipe and crank it open.


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