April 29, 2014

Safavieh Collection, now available at Target!


Hey guys have you heard the news, Target is now offering (on-line only) yet another fabulous home collection and it's one of my all time favorites... Safaveih!  

I've loved this line for years, not only for their affordable prices, but for their super chic & sophisticated home furnishings and accessories.  Here's a Master Bedroom - Design Board I put together with a few Safavieh pieces that caught my eye...

2.  Rosaleen Dresser - $263.99
4.  Lena End Table - $135.99
5.  Valence Arm Chair - $399.99
6.  Norwich Table Lamps (set of 2) - $101.59
7.  Tangier Dhurry Rug (5x8) - $147.99

Ahhh, I am in LOVE with this line!  And their prices are very low.  Check out the Rosaleen Dresser at just under $270.  And club chairs priced at $400, well now we can afford two for a great reading area in the Master.  Finally lamps for $100 and a chic headboard for $319...unbelievable! 

Okay check out the new Safavieh Home Furnishings line (on-line only) at Target! 

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  1. I'm loving this new line of furniture and accessories too - especially all of their pretty side tables like the Lena End Tables you show! Wish the prices were a little bit lower though! Thanks for linking up to Best of the Nest!

  2. You are welcome Kris, great linky party!

  3. Love the lamps, very pretty and unique. Also love the look you've put together. Makes for a very soothing bedroom! xoKathleen

  4. I saw them too the other day and so glad Target now carries them. :-)

    1. Yet another reason to love Target right Vel?

  5. Thanks Kathleen, it is very calm and serene..

  6. I'm in love with this line too! Everything! That is my living room rug too

  7. So very cool, thanks for the tip! I love the board you put together too, you have such a great eye!

  8. SO excited about this partnership...I love it all!!!

  9. Love it. I'm kind of obsessed with that dresser!


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