October 14, 2018

25 years, a Design Board and saying goodbye to our Ginger & Bear :(

Hey guys, stopping by to share my latest.  And I can't believe my hubby and I have been married 25 years!  

Yes you read that right, a quarter of a century.   We celebrated with a quick and very rainy trip to Charleston.  This man, who I met in high school is my rock and soul mate.  What a journey this life has been with two precious kiddos, five fur babies, four cities and five houses!   

Ahhh black, white and warm woods...this is one of my favorite color combinations!  This is also where I make my coffee every day.  Yes and on some mornings, I couldn't start my day without it!  We also added a new tile backsplash to our kitchen.  We opted out of the gray grout trend, and instead chose the textured subway tile.  

Need a houseplant to add a little exotic flair to your home?  Look no further than Bird of Paradise!  This is my new favorite plant.  Love how it can fill up a large empty corner perfectly. 

Our precious Ginger passed away in July at the age of 15.  She had a vestibular attack, similar to a stroke, and was paralyzed in her hind legs.  This girl was so special to us, she was our first rescue and a true one of a kind!  Even sadder her brother Bear, who was also 15 passed away just 3 weeks later.

There are dogs that make their way deep into your heart.  Ginger and Bear did just that.  They were loved beyond measure and we will miss them dearly.

Sharing a Design Board I recently made.  One of the services I offer are Flat Rate Interior Room Designs, which are basically a whole room makeovers.  With this service space planning and Design Boards are included, so my clients get a visual of their space before the design process begins.  

This is what I love to do!  Design overall traditional spaces with a few modern updates and clean lines.  Add in texture and a new color scheme and boom...you've just updated your home with our affordable design services. 

Okay thanks for stopping by!  Love sharing my passion for design here, as well as updates on new things happening in and around our home :)

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