February 21, 2018

A Happy Fiddle Fig, Bookcase Refresh & a 2018 Houzz Award!


Hey guys popping in to share my latest!  Things have finally slowed down here in January and February and I'll be honest, it's been a nice break!  One of the things I love about running an Interior Decorating Design Business is the flexibility in the hours, and the natural ebbs and and flows of design work.  

Okay so let's get to it, here are a few of my latest decorating adventures...

My Fiddle Fig is officially a year old!  

Now don't worry I haven't turned into a crazy plant lady ;)  But when I purchased this guy a year ago, I was worried he'd be too temperamental and that basically I'd kill him.  Well no concerns over here because this guy has been easy to maintain!  I just keep him in a well lit corner and water once a week.  Yup, that's it!  

So here's a recent client project above in Charlotte.  This big white sectional was feeling like the white elephant in the room for my client.  And with a baby blue pillows and rug, nothing was grounding this piece.  So we added texture and earth tones for a warm and inviting update complete with new rug, pillows, lamp. 

Truth is I naturally gravitate towards neutrals if you peruse my designs & Instagram page.  But every now and again I have a client that wants some fun color!  Here's a home office - guest bedroom combo recently finished with accent colors in teal blues and olive greens.  Loving this color combination!

I refreshed our built-ins the other morning.  Specifically I added more frames and family pictures to the mix!  I use many design elements when styling bookcases including texture, contrast, and nature inspired accessories and plants.  

For me it's all about combining the old with the new for an overall collected look that naturally came together over time.  Never bought all at once off a show room floor!

And finally I'm saving the best for last.  The Collected Interior received another "Best of Houzz" Award for client satisfaction this year for 2018, Wahoo!  And this is our 4th year receiving this award.  This makes me so happy...to know that our clients are happy!  

Thank you Houzz for the honor, I am grateful!  Okay guys that is what's happening around here, thanks for checking in!

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