January 13, 2016

Design Crush - Modern Wingback Chairs!


Hey guys, today I'm featuring a round up of one of my favorite furniture pieces - Modern Wingback Chairs!  

I love modern wingbacks because they are a bit of a dichotomy.  On the one hand you have an American favorite that has been around for decades.  I know my Dad's favorite chair back in the day was an old wingback.  And of course authentic antique wingback chairs can be centuries old!  But today's stylish wingback chairs have clean and modern lines that give these chairs new life.  Ahhh, a modern take on an old favorite, l love that!  Okay here are a few picks...

1.  Whitmore Ling Lindy Chair - Overstock     $480
2.  Saybridge Accent Wing Chair - Macy's     $1,169
3.  Jeanette Wingback Arm Chair - Wayfair     $370
4.  James Harrison Wing Chair - West Elm     $1,299  
5.  Dayton Upholstered Arm Chair - Pottery Barn      $599 
6.  Charcoal Oscar Chair - World market     $349

Wow, I had to do a double take on a few of these because they are crazy affordable!  Like the Jeanette wingback from Wayfair priced at under $400.  That is an unbelievable price considering this chair comes in 6 color choices and has great reviews.  And the leather arm chair from West Elm is a favorite of mine - such a classic with it's tobacco colored leather.  But check out the Dayton chair from Pottery Barn.  It's new to their collection and priced under $600, is a great value!

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