January 3, 2016

Beautiful Bins...

Hey guys Happy New Year! 

Every year at this time I simply MUST organize!  I can't explain it.  It's like at the beginning of each new year I go into nesting mode.  And improving mode too.  The house simply must look and function better than the year before.  Does anyone else feel like this?  So today I'm sharing fun n' functional storage bins that not only will help hide the clutter, but look great too!  Okay let's get organized...

Galvanized rolling tote - CB2   $59.95
Rugby Stripe Bin - Container Store   $16.99

Pandan Woven Storage Bin - Target   $9.99

Aimee Arrow Basket - World Market   $29.99

Threshold Round Fabric Basket - Target   $16.99

Fresh American Indigo Storage Bin - Zinc Door   $36.80

Ahhh, I lLOVE these!  A few of the galvanized industrial rolling bins are perfect for my son's bedroom.  And the classic woven basket from World Market is a great choice for stacking magazines in our family room.  The coral colored bin with it's clean lines are sleek n' stylish for my teenage daughter's room.  Heck I could organize my entire house with several of these.

Okay back to reality!  I think I'll stick with one choice for now.  But aren't these great?  I simply love stylish storage options at the start of a new year.

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