February 4, 2015

Mix it up with Bamboo Chairs!

Hi guys, I think I've found my new favorite furniture piece...bamboo chairs!  I don't know what it is, they just have the ability to mix up a room instantly with a fun eclectic look.  Check out these design inspirations all sourced from the one and only, Houzz...

Wow, I love this light and bright office space below.  I could seriously get used to working here everyday.  And the room can serve double duty as a dining area, love that!

Okay if you've grown tired of your dark wood and traditional dining space that looks the same today as it did 20 years ago, then this is your remedy below!  Add a fun color combination in the room like this teal blue and green, keep the dark table, but add Chippendale bamboo chairs in a contrasting cream.  Pinning for sure!

Transitional Dining Room by Milton Photographers Michael J. Lee Photography

Bamboo chairs in vibrant colors make great accent pieces.  They even make great office chairs and are really fun in the kitchen office too.

If your lucky enough to have a vacation home, bamboo furnishings are perfect in coastal spaces.  Since bamboo furniture originated in China and Britain, they instantly give a room a collected and well traveled look.

Another fun Chippendale accent chair!  love the blue and green color combination in this space.

DeBeach Style Family Room by Boston Interior Designers & corators Annsley Interiors

If you love color and aren't afraid of a good Diy project, then spray painting bamboo furniture is the perfect project.  And like this turquoise bamboo furniture below, the color options are endless.

Colorful or neutral bamboo chairs, it doesn't matter.  I very often see faux bamboo furniture pieces that are awesome!

Ahhh, another dark table with white chairs.  Love this fresh look!

Here they are in black.  This look is very sophisticated and chic.

Wow, how pretty are these light blue bamboo chairs below offering cool contrast to all the warm wood tones.

Okay it's official, I'm smitten!  And will be stalking Craigslist and a few of my favorite Antique and Thrift Stores in my area.  My home NEEDS a few of these.  And I'm also ready for a fun Diy project this Spring!

Okay so if your home's decor is a bit too matched up and falling flat.  Add a fun Eclectic vibe  and mix things up with bamboo furniture!

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  1. Jane I am a huge fan of bamboo chairs. These are beautiful examples! I search for them on Craigslist all the time but apparently people around here are in the know about how cool they are and I never see any on there!

  2. Lisa, I search them too here in Charlotte on Craigslist and rarely see any. The best selection I've seen is on Ebay.


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