September 22, 2014

Mid Century Modern Home Updates


Hey guys, I met with a client last week for a Color Consultation and overall Design Consult and have to say I had so much fun!  This house was built in the late 70's and is mid century modern all the way.  Oh how I wish I had taken my camera!

Now the home which sat in foreclosure for a few years had some interesting updates.  Like sliding glass doors in a bedroom leading to no where - seriously what were the previous home owners thinking!! 

But the new home owners are anxious to update this home in keeping with it's original late mid century modern vibe!  After the consultation I followed up via email with a few design solutions to problems in the home.

The home currently has light wood cabinets that aren't exactly high quality, yet a total kitchen remodel is not in the budget.  So my advice is to paint them white, add modern drawer pulls and knobs and finally paint the walls a fun retro avocado green!

The home's current patio is a solid slab of concrete that is old, water damaged and cracked.  I would rip that out, and build a patio like this.  They sell these concrete tiles at Lowe's for less than $10 each.  And use gravel as the base. 

Finally the home's fireplace is a gas firebox framed with wood and dry wall and is very plain. So to make it a focal point in the room I recommend adding stacked stone like this beautiful fireplace above.

Okay I love finding simple solutions to solve design dilemmas.  And creating a home that's beautiful and functional, well there's nothing better.

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  1. I really like the patio idea. We used those large pavers as floor for our storage area under our sunroom.

  2. Yes they are so functional too! But in a patio with gravel as the grout, oh that's my favorite Diy patio!!


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