March 3, 2014

Mood Board Monday..


Hi guys I've got a Mood Board Design to share with you today!  

I recently met with a client who wants to completely re-design and update her home built in the late 70's.  And since the previous home owners added many traditional design elements that do not coordinate with this style home, including chair railings and european style columns.  Our goal is to open up this home, create clean lines, and facilitate flow between the living spaces.  And to also decorate this home so that it works with the 1970's style of the home and not against it.

So we started with a Design Board for the living room.  In this space the sofa obviously will face the fireplace.  There's also a sofa table behind the sofa where the lamps sit creating symmetry and balance.  The focal point in this room is a beautiful stone fireplace.  So I added modern furnishings with clean lines in gray, orange and off white.  These colors also coordinate well with a few pieces the home owner plans to keep, including a red Pottery Barn card catalogue type cabinet.  And a beautiful black Asian style cabinet.  The wall color is SW -Worldly Gray and balances nicely with all the warm furnishings.  The overall look is stylish and eclectic, yet still warm and inviting letting the stone fireplace take center stage.

Okay guys, if your home's decor needs a fresh new look, or if you already have some great ideas, but just need help pulling everything together.  I offer custom Mood Board Designs starting at just $50. Check out my services here.  I'd love to help you create the stylish yet affordable space you've always dreamed of.

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