July 15, 2013

New Ideabook...fun mid-century modern finds!

Hey guys, I've been Inspired lately by Mid-Century Modern design!  Not sure why, maybe it's the retro vintage vibe that so easily mixes well with today's eclectic designs.  So check out my latest  Houzz Ideabook titled...

Go Retro with Fun Midcentury Modern Finds for the Home!  

Here's a sneak peek...


Funky Lights.com

Wow, I can't believe that retro chair above with the curvy lines is from Sears...how cool is that!   And priced at just $229 for the pair, that's an Amazing price.  Okay, go here to see my full Ideabook!

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  1. Who isn't? I've been scouring antique malls too for these stuff! Love your finds Jane, especially the chair!

  2. Thanks Vel, I think they're sooo fun too!

  3. Hi lorraine here love your stuff I always look for vintage finds when I go to tag sales yours are so cool. Found you from a link in a monday bloggy hop I'm at http://lorrainesresources.blopspot.com

  4. I’ve learned several just write stuff here. Certainly price bookmarking for revisiting. Diy20


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