July 17, 2013

Diy ON...turquoise painted bedroom!


Hey guys, well I finally started a Diy project, woot woot!!

Honestly I think the hardest part of any Diy project is simply deciding on which one's to tackle.  Because we all know the list is endless.  At least for me it is living in a 1980's brick colonial.  And so my daughter's room will be getting a fresh coat of turquoise paint!  And the color she and I chose together is called Aquaduct by Sherwin Williams.  Here it is...

Ahhh, I am absolutely in LOVE with this color!  Here's what Inspired us...
It's not an exact match of course, but rather a softer shade that still reads turquoise.  I can't wait until the room is all finished.  Here's a sneak peek...

Okay, check back and hopefully I'll knock this one out in a week or less.  We'll see - my fingers are crossed ;)

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  1. Your 'killing' me Jane! Love the color - can't wait to see it!

  2. Thanks Vel, I love the color too! Now I just need to paint, lol!!

  3. Oh my frick! That's a gorgeous shade of turquoise.

  4. Just painted my daughter's room SW Meander Blue. Light and bright!

    1. That's what we wanted, a paint color that is light, yet still sophisticated enough to work well into her teenage years.

  5. seriously why is picking paint color soooo hard??


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