April 16, 2013

Spring Projects...garage makeover and more!


WARNING...this blog post has absolutely no fun decorating makeovers or features. It's just our boring old garage and deck ;)  But hey it's that time of year...time for Spring cleaning.

Wow, we have been crazy busy around here.  The hubby and I are giving our garage a total makeover with painted walls and floors.  We're also buying new storage cabinets and bins!  We hope to have the garage completely finished in a week or two...I'll keep you updated.

  I am seriously soooo excited to have a clean and organized garage! 

Okay, here's our new epoxy painted floor above.  We chose not to do the epoxy with the sprinkles because we've got two dogs, and we didn't want dog hair sticking to it.  With this smooth finish...the dog hair should just sweep right up.  Note, the storage in the back is NOT finished.  I hope to have a full reveal in a week or two.

But my hubby has been busy organizing his tools!  Love it when everything has a place and things are easy to find.

 And then if that's not enough...today we had our deck painted/stained.  Here it is finished above.  When we first moved here it was dark red wood circa 1980.  I lightened it up with this durable solid stain.  Here's a picture I took last year from inside the screened porch looking out...

Okay these are our Spring projects...still in progress!  What projects are you guys working on?  I can't wait to show you our garage when it's all finished.  The hubby's got his eye on new storage cabinets and a cool work bench area too.

Happy Spring Cleaning!

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  1. Looks great! We've been working on our garage too but it looks anything like yours. Good job!!

  2. Your hard work is paying off, looks great!

  3. Thank you Lena and Krystie!! The garage is actually done, I just haven't gotten a picture yet ;)


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