April 17, 2013

Garage Storage Inspiration....


Hey guys, yesterday I wrote about our Garage Makeover still in progress.  So today I thought I'd share some Garage Storage Inspiration via Pinterest.

So let's get to it...


Ahhh, I love peg board storage...perfect for tools and smaller items.  And this wood work bench above is great too.  I also really like the look of stainless steel in a garage...I think we're leaning towards garage cabinets in SS.

Oh the possibilities!  Aren't great storage solutions fabulous?

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  1. Fantastic ideas, Jane! I don't do garages myself but I'll definitely share this with hubby! ;-D


  2. Thanks Jane....I agree, my hubby is definitely taking the lead on this one!

  3. I so need to reorganize my garage this summer. I already have the pegboard but it might be fun to paint it and do away with a lot of stuff that is hanging there. I am down to one rig so with a double car garage I should be able to get lots more storage areas. Thanks for sharing the pinterest ideas.


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