October 26, 2012

Diy - Aged ORB Mirror!


Today I refinished a mirror for a client in an aged oil rubbed bronze finish and am loving the results.  Here's the before...

Yup, it was either repaint this baby or throw it in the trash!  So I chose ORB because the client loves Old Word and dark wood furniture.

This paint sprays on beautifully by the way...love Rustoleum!

For the glaze I used acrylic paint in gold metallic and a dry brush technique.  Here's a close up below.

And here it is finished.  Not a great picture I know...my camera kept putting the mirror in focus and leaving the frame out of focus.  But you get the idea...a huge improvement!

So that's how I refinish a mirror with simple spray paint and acrylic glaze.  Seriously week-end projects like this are one of my favorite things!

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  1. That turned out GREAT! I actually have a large mirror sitting in our garage and the plan is to get to the Family Room on my 31 Days of An Organized Home series (I am running out of days in the month!!) and this has inspired me to refinish that mirror for one of the large walls in there.

    1. Thank you Claire! This revamp really was easy. It's amazing how the glaze just hits all the right places, highlighting the areas you want making the detail pop!

  2. I really like the combination of the ORB spray paint + gold metallic glaze. The glaze was an acrylic paint? And it sticks to the spray which is oil based!? ... good to know:) Must add that technique to my list of must try's.

  3. Looks gorgeous!

    BTW, to photograph a mirror well, try hanging a small ornament or wreath from a ribbon draped over the top. That way, the focus will be on the object in the center, and the surrounding areas, rather than on the (far) reflections in the mirror.
    Another fix is to turn off autofocus, or to turn on multi-point focus, and tell it you need x number of reference points. This depends on the type of camera you own.

    1. Thanks for the tip Julie! I definately need to improve my photography skills!

  4. I want a mirror like that only round.Love your work.Turned out beautiful.Thanks for sharing your secrets.Denise

  5. Oh my goodness, that is fabulous! Glad to read the above tip on how to photograph a mirror as well. I need to check out this spray paint and add some ORB to MY house!!! xoxo jules


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