September 4, 2012

Our Diy Fire Pit...


I'm so excited about our latest project...we're creating a Fire Pit Area in our back yard, wahoo!  Bring on the crisp Fall weather because I'm ready to sit with my family and friends and chill by a warm fire!  

Here's the pit we ordered below.  It's the Fossil Stone Fire Pit kit from Home Depot and cost just $500.  Considering custom stone fire pit areas can easily cost thousands of dollars...we are lovin' that price!  And because it's a'll be easy to assemble, and should only take one day for the hubby to build, love that!  One thing we really like about this pit is that it's 66 inches in diameter, which is bigger than many of the pits we've looked at and will heat a 10 foot area.  Perfect for our 1/2 acre back yard.

Here's our Inspiration photo above.  We'll create a circular area in our back yard, fill it with gravel and set Adirondack chairs around it along with a few garden stools for extra seating and tables. 

Over the week-end we prepped our area...picking the perfect spot away from the house and next to our wooded back yard.  Marked the pit area, and then the hubby began carving out a circle around it to place the chairs.

Below our fire pit arrived in one pallet.  Then we ordered two layers of gravel from our local stone quarry.
Below the hubby is leveling the area with a layer of foundation gravel.

The hardest part of this project was laying the first layer of pavers so that they were level and aligned in a perfect circle.  We also added up to three layers of brick on the left side to act as a min retaining wall for the extra gravel needed to level that side.
Here I'm spreading our top layer of gravel.  We chose 1/4 inch gray granite, and love it because it doesn't slip around when you walk on it.
This is our Diy fire pit finished.  The entire project from start to finish took about three days.  A little more work than we expected, but well worth the extra effort.
I cannot tell you how much we LOVE our fire pit!  We've used it dozens of times this Fall with our kids, family and friends.  

So if you've been thinking about building your own fire pit - think about a Diy Fire Pit Kit.  The project was fun, affordable and in the end...we've got a high end looking fire pit without spending thousands of dollars.

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  1. Replies
    1. Thanks...we can't wait to get out there with the kids and our friends. Even the dogs!!! Cant' wait to get it finished.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Karen, and two years later...we still love it!

  3. Oh I LOVE THIS soooo much!!! Great job!

  4. What is the diameter of the gravel circle?

  5. Janie,

    Can you come do one at my house? ;-) Love it.

  6. do the pavers in the outside circle stay put?

    1. Hi Jason, Yes! We've had this fire pit for almost 2 years now, and the pavers do stay put!

  7. Hi, we were hoping to get more specifics on how many pavers, how much gravel, etc...
    What was your total expense?

  8. What did you use for your bottom gravel layer? Processed gravel? Do chairs sink into your top gravel layer at all?


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