December 6, 2011

A Christmas Tee {for the lil' ones}

I love this!  Mainly because it's a no sew project.  Okay, there is a wee bit of sewing involved.  But just a few stitches here and there, and that my friends is my favorite kind of project ;)

It's a Christmas Tree Tee 
from Vixen Made!

Vixen created this Holiday cutie with a plain white tee, fabric lace and sequins.  She simply cut the lace in the shape of a Christmas tree and attached it with heat n' bond (a paper backed iron-on adhesive).  Finally, she stitched the sequins a few times and VOILA...

 A super cute Holiday Tee that looks like it was bought from a swanky lil' boutique for way too much!

Check out Vixen Made for Creative, Thrifty and Fun INSPIRATIONS.

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  1. Nice!! What an awesome surprise to be featured by you! Thank you so much, I'm so glad you liked me tee! And I'm so honored!

  2. are welcome Vixen! I seriously love this lil' shirt. ;) Happy Holidays.


  3. This is so cute! I think any little one would love a shirt like this. I have been reading over some of your other posts and am loving all the great information.

  4. Oh I love this, thanks for sharing!


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