March 9, 2017

Friday x-bench, nature inspired abstract art, and a mirror transformation!

TGIF and welcome to my Friday Five!  

Well another week has flown by here at The Collected Interior and I simply cannot believe how busy we've been.  In fact, was saying the other day to my hubby - this is our busiest time of year between Jan.1st and May.  And I am so thankful for my wonderful clients!  Okay so let's get to it, here are five fun things happening around here...


Just ordered this pretty ottoman for a client's Room Refresh and cannot wait to deliver.  We're using it as an end table.  I love that it can serve double duty as extra seating when needed.  And with a tray on top, can function as an end table.  So versatile!


Sharing one of my favorite types of art today...simple abstract art rooted in nature gets me every single time.  And I love that it easily coordinates with so many different design styles.  Modern, traditional, farmhouse, and eclectic styles all look great with simple and serene art like this.

This mirror has undergone a major transformation thanks to We Chic'd It, a painting and refinishing service in the Lake Norman area.  

 When I meet with clients, instead of purchasing all new items to design a room or space.  I will identify furnishings in your home that you can use or even refinish.  And then move on to sourcing the new home furnishings and accessories needed to give your space a whole new look.  For me, it's all about mixing the old & new.

This mirror after painted and lightly distressed was relocated to the clients entry.  And this entry has loads of character now!  So the money my clients save in one area, can be used to pretty up another area.  It just makes $ense.


Do you know what I love?  Finding design inspiration in nature.  And I find it even when I'm not looking for it.  Just the other day I saw a big patch of moss at a baseball field and my heart skipped a beat.  Moss is so natural and organic, and you don't even need a green thumb to keep it alive.  Ahhh and that texture!

Sutton Mini Pendant

Finally, the hubby and I just installed two of these industrial pendant lights and they are so fun!  And at nearly 14" wide each, they are big.  But because our ceilings are tall they work, and update our traditional black kitchen beautifully with a cool industrial vibe.  Will share photos later, but these pendant lights are such a fun update.  And a single pendant can be used in a foyer or even mudroom.

Okay guys that's my Friday Five!  Love sharing what I do here in my little corner of the Internet.  Thanks for stopping by :)


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  1. I have looking for two x-benches to tuck under a console, these nailhead ones are pretty! So happy to hear you're staying busy doing what you love, Jane!

    1. Yes two x benches under a console...LOVE! Thanks for stopping by Lisa :)


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