January 25, 2017

Design Inspiration...Fiddle Leaf Fig Trees!

Hey guys, so do you own a Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree?  I've been seeing this potted plant everywhere in the home decor world on blogs, Instagram feeds & Pinterest for years now.  And finally just the other day I found several at a local greenhouse here in Charlotte and picked one up.  

Wow, I have to say this plant is beautiful!  No wonder so many plant & home decor enthusiasts love them.  If you have a large, well lit empty corner...then this plant will bring that space to life!  Here's some Fiddle Fig inspiration.   All images sourced from my favorite place for home decor ideas, Houzz...

Well I hope our new Fiddle Leaf Fig thrives in our home!  I've read they can be very temperamental.   They need a well lit area, but no direct sunlight.  And they don't like to sit in water, so let the water drain out after watering.  But I am up for the challenge because these beauties are worth the extra effort!

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