July 29, 2016

Our Antique Dining Table... updated with Ikea Henriskdal chairs!


Hey guys I hope your having a great Summer!  

Wow with a few weekend getaways and my kids Summer sports...our Summer has flown by.  So I'm popping in today to share how I updated our antique dining room table!  Yes this old table below got a fresh new configuration last Spring.  And the best part...it was crazy affordable.  Like Ikea affordable!


So If you're new here, our dining room table is an antique and was built by my hubby's Great Grandfather.  This picture above was taken a year ago.  Here the table is in it's oval shape and you can see those awesome handmade leaves.

Now I love this old table!  So much so that I refinished it several years ago using Min Wax Gel Stain.  You can read more about that project here.  But as much as I love this old table, it was starting to look too dark.  And the table was feeling too big for our small kitchen dining area.  So I started thinking of possible solutions to freshen up this space.

And then I came across this image...


Ahhh, are you kidding me!!  I was totally inspired.  

So I took an Ikea leap of faith with the addition of 4 Ikea upholstered chairs, the Henrisksdal chairs.  And this simple change has brought new life to this old table!  We removed the leaves to make the table smaller at 40" round, and then added the new chairs.  And what I really love is the contrast between the dark wood and the white chairs.  It's just brightened up our entire kitchen!  

Now a few years ago if you had asked me to add white fabric chairs to our kitchen with my baseball playing son, and my trampoline jumping daughter?  I would have said "no way"!  But guess what...the replacement covers for these chairs cost just $10.  Each.  Yes these chairs are crazy affordable!

So if they get stained or dirty it's not the end of the world!  And besides the covers are machine washable as well.

And the best part of this whole project?  Is that I didn't have to drop $1000 on a new table, or relocate this family antique to the attic.   And another added bonus is that because the table is smaller, we sit here mainly for breakfast and lunch now, and use our actual dining room more for dinner.   Imagine that!

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  1. Love the way it turned out and I love the contrast with the white. You will love those chairs. I have one in my home office and it has held up very well for the past few years. Mine has the neutral color slipcover on it but I also have a white one for a backup if I ever get tired. At those prices, you could just throw them out and buy new ones every year! You kitchen is beautiful!

    1. Thanks Shelley, so far we do love them! I can't imagine buying upholstered chairs without slipcovers. In our family, they wouldn't last 6 months, Ha!

  2. Every once in awhile Ikea changes the size or shape of the Henriksdal chairs, without warning (just like they recently discontinued the least expensive white slipcovers for their Ektorp chairs and sofas). If you can afford it, I strongly encourage you to stock up on the ten dollar slips while they're available. I love mine and also found that they lightened up my dark table! And it was the same photo that inspired me. :)

    1. Awesome, thanks for the great tip!! I will definitely stock up!


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