October 14, 2015

Design Board - French Provincial Girl's Bedroom!


Hey guys, the other day a friend asked me to recommend a paint color for her daughters bedroom which has wall to wall carpeting in a very unique teal green color.  So I got to work and created a budget friendly design board for this space using Benjamin Moore's Gray Owl.
French Provincial Girl's Bedroom

The main furniture pieces in this room are vintage french provincial and I love this style!   It's feminine and sophisticated without being too little girl.   Here I've paired this furniture with a fun & colorful bohemian style comforter set from, are you ready for this, Walmart!  Yes Walmart must be stepping up their home decor because this quilt set looks like a Trina Turk design!  It's from their Better Home's and Garden collection and is so affordable too.  Okay here's a source list for all the other lovelies in this budget friendly space...

1.  Jeweled Damask Quilt Collection  - Walmart  $49
2.  French Provincial Furniture  - Etsy  
3.  Shag Fur Pillow   - Target   $45
Orange Moroccan Throw Pillow  - Allmodern.com   $32.99
Dream Accent Pillow  -  Kirkland's   $19.99
4.  Teardrop Chandelier  -  Pottery Barn   $149
5.  Garden Framed Art Prints  -  Kirkland's   $16.99
6.  French Ceramic Table Lamp  -  Target   $99.99
7.  Gray Owl - Benjamin Moore

So I've not only mixed styles in this design, but price points too!   We've got a Walmart comforter paired with a Pottery Barn chandelier.  And these two items together cost less than $200... Amazing!  For me this is what I love about budget decorating - getting a high end look, on a low end budget!

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  1. Pretty, Jane! I love the idea of the Gray Owl with the teal carpet. Definitely will freshen the room right up along with the bedding and fun art!


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