April 22, 2015

Eclectic Wall Gallery...


Hey guys, I installed a Wall Gallery for a client yesterday and am so happy with the results! 

First of all, how beautiful is this family?  And they live just steps from Uptown Charlotte, very cool!.  I'm actually in the middle of an Interior Room Design in their open concept family room - dining room and everything is coming together nicely. 

When the entire space is 100 percent finished I'll share more photos.  For now though the new West Elm Club Chairs have arrived, the walls in this space are freshly painted in SW - Worldly Gray.  We've hung new art, and even accessorized their existing sideboard.  And in addition to the new wall gallery, I also brought over a new lamp for their family room yesterday.

Cityscape Wall Art - Overstock

Liza Lamp - Crate & Barrel

But today I wanted to share the deets on the new wall gallery...

When I design eclectic wall galleries I gather a mix of frames with both modern/clean lines and chunkier wood/rustic frames.  I also like to use plaques with the families last name initial.  Then I simply lay out my frames right on the floor, and then transfer that design straight up to the wall.  It's a creative process that I really enjoy.

I snapped these pictures above with my phone.  As you can see from this pic above, the gallery is almost complete.  Now with some frame gallery installations I measure so that each frame is hung, for example, exactly 2 inches apart from one another.  However eclectic galleries like this one look much better hung naturally and without measuring.

And here's the gallery finished above!  The thing I love about frame galleries is they add so much personality to a space.  And it's such a fun and creative way to celebrate your family!

And here's a quick picture of the entire room.  Check out the chandelier my clients chose.  They had actually described a fixture they'd seen at a friends house that they really liked and I helped them locate this one on Etsy.  It's a mason jar chandelier with a rustic wood base (not shown).  It's definitely a conversation starter and adds a fun vintage - industrial vibe to the space as it has a wood base that looks like reclaimed wood.

  At this point we're waiting on a leather sectional, coffee table, end table and a few more items.  We'll also change out the curtains with tall 95 inch panels.  Of course I will keep you posted and will post pictures of this entire space when everything is finished!  

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