March 2, 2015

Roof Top Deck Dreamin'


Hey guys, okay it's official - It happens every year at around this time, I've got the Winter blues.  It has been too cold and even worse too rainy here in Charlotte and I am ready for warmer temps and a little sunshine would be nice.  We actually saw the sun today for a brief couple of hours.  However, the forecast for the week is looking bleak again with more rain, ugh!

So today I thought it would be fun to daydream a little.  Let's get inspired by some fabulous rooftop decks shall we?  Because you never know - if you've got kids and live in the suburbs like we do, it's entirely possible that one day when the kids leave the nest, we can retire in a fabulous urban apartment or loft right?  Absolutely ;)  #neversaynever

Okay let's dream!  All photos sourced from my fav - Houzz...

I love the comfortable outdoor furniture used in this space above.  And how the wall of windows brings the outdoors IN.

Providing shade on a roof top deck is a must!  I'm sure this large umbrella keeps this space cool and comfortable.

Okay one key element every roof top deck needs is container gardens and plants!

I love how the container gardens in this outdoor space above separate the dining area from the sitting area.

This large outdoor sectional provides maximum seating for all the fabulous parties I'm sure they have here ;)

Here's a pretty spot to enjoy a cup of coffee or read the paper on a beautiful morning.

Wow, check out that city view.  This roof top deck is Amazing!

And with stunning plants and container gardens like these, a roof top terrace can be a calming retreat from the hustle and bustle of the city.  So there it is.  A little Roof Top Deck dreaming and I can feel my Winter Blues fading.

Okay hang on guys, because Spring is just around the corner!

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  1. Jane,
    That would be a dream of mine! A roof top deck, done up, with a city view. You're speaking my language here. Never say never
    The House of Hampton

  2. Sharon, I'm not much of a city girl. However a fabulous apartment or loft with a roof top terrace like one of these might just change my mind!

  3. I hear you! I am trying to pull myself out of my annual winter funk. Dreaming about your rooftop decks is a great way to start my morning :)

  4. Jane, those are such fabulous spaces!!!!! My dream someday is to have a little condo in a city and a big house by an ocean. I will have to add a rooftop deck to my urban getaway!! Love that last photo.....I need to incorporate that into my patio design plans!


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