November 20, 2014

Client Project - Patio Design Board


Hey guys, wow it's cold outside, and all this snow we're having in November is just crazy!   So today I thought I'd warm things up with a patio or screened porch Design Board  I made for a client about a month ago.

This wonderful client moved into her home and immediately realized her huge screened porch needed more furnishings and accessories.  She did have a patio furniture set with green cushions.  However that was all and the set was looking very small in this big space that clearly needed pillows, poufs and other outdoor furnishings and accessories to complete the room.  Oh and one more thing, she wanted color!  Ahhh, the words every decorator wants to hear.  But this is also a space where her husband hangs out a lot watching football.  So I knew the design couldn't be too femanine.  So I made two design boards from which they could choose...

So which design do you like better?  I think it really depends on your personality.  The first board is more neutral with a soft blue/green color scheme.  And the second board is straight up colorful with this vibrant orange.  Both are fun and will really bring this awesome screened porch to life!  My client actually chose the second.

Here are the sources...

Bistro Set - Target
Orange pouffs & pillows - Overstock
Blue/Green Pillow - Overstock
Faux Natural Fiber Pillow - Pottery Barn
Classic Stripe Pillow, blue - Etsy
Tan Knitted Pouf - Overstock
Cream Garden Stool - Wisteria
Blue Garden Stool - Arcadian Home
Ceiling Fans - Overstock
Candle Hurricanes - World Market

A few items are out of stock :(  And can you believe all the Awesome items I sourced from Overstock?  Love the O!  Okay I know it's cold outside, but it's still fun to design and think about warm spaces.

Happy Snowvember ;)

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  1. I'm working on my back patio now. It's hard to believe that I'm doing this in November! I'm glad others are too. I don't feel so crazy!

    1. Hey, I say if needs to be done, there's no better time than now! Also, when the weather finally warms up this Spring your patio will be finished and ready for you to enjoy!! No waiting :)


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