September 30, 2014

Inspiration...Large Fall Planters!


Today I thought I'd share some front door Fall container gardening inspiration!  One thing I love to do every Fall season is plant mums, kale or coleus in large urns by the front door next to our pumpkins.   I also like to use hardy vines like creeping jenny or ivy.  And for me, the larger the pot the better!  In fact, I wish our urns were bigger, but if you scroll down to the fourth picture, I think I found a solution for that ;)  

Check out these inspiring Fall planter ideas...

This is fun above, I love the stacked pumpkins!

Ahhh, you can't go wrong with classic iron urns and mums.

Wow, what a view from this front porch!  I see Coleus and Sweet Potato Vine in this Awesome arrangement!

This is a great idea above to make your urns or any container look larger.  Here the pots are stacked on top of one another.  See how the bottom planter is turned upside down?  I love this idea!

Check out these tall, modern planters next to this cottage style home.  I love mixing modern and traditional!

 I really love Kale because this plant thrives in the Fall and straight through Winter.  Also vines like Creeping Jenny and Ivy do very well in our Carolina climate.  So what are your tried and true favorite Fall plants?  Honestly, I've not had success with mums lasting very long, have you?  And if you have tell me...what is the secret! 

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  1. I have large planters. I never thought about planting Kale. That's a cool idea!

    1. Yes Julia, Kale plants look like purple cabbage. I'm sure you've seen them :)

  2. I love large pots, the bigger the better in my opinion! I have urns almost exactly like the ones with the pots underneath! I'm going to try this idea! I've never had luck with Mums! :( It's just too hot here in FL!!
    Thanks for sharing! :)
    Xo, Kathy

    1. Maybe that's why mums don't work well for me in NC, its too warm! All I know is when I take the time to pot a plant, I'd like it to live at least 3 months, lol! I'm going to stack some pots too. I'm on the hunt Kathy!

  3. Really a great inspiration! Thanks!


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