June 2, 2014

Our Home's Paint Colors...

Happy Monday!  

I am so excited today because I've been wanting to share the paint colors we've used in our home, and also to get a visual of how they look side by side.  For us, it's been a journey.  Painting our older 1980's colonial home, literally room by room.  Some rooms we've painted ourselves, and others we've hired painters.  The trim we do ourselves, I actually don't mind painting trim.

1.  Worldly Gray - SW 7043
  2.  Magnetic Gray - SW 7058
 3.  Natural Choice - SW7011
  4.  Believable Buff - SW 6120 
5.  Useful Gray - SW 7050

We recently painted our bonus/media room in Worldly Gray - it's a a very warm, light gray.  Our once red dining room just got a few coats of Magnetic Gray - I'll have the reveal for that in a few days - I am totally in love with this soft gray/blue!  Our Master Bedroom is calm and serene with Natural Choice.  Our Home Office and Hallways are Believable Buff (very warm).  Finally our Family Room & kitchen are painted in Useful Gray - a fresh gray with a subtle green undertone.

So that's the scoop on the wall colors in our home.  So what paint colors are your tried and true favorites?  And have you made the switch to cooler grays/greens and blues.  Or are you still a fan of warm colors like beiges, yellows and reds?

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  1. I'm really starting to give a new eye to colors as we'll be moving soon. I really love all the colors in this palette. I need to go search through your blog now to see them in your home. What fun!

    1. Glad you like them Patricia! One thing you'll find in our family room makeover is how much better the Useful Gray looks than the previous Believable Buff. However we did keep the warm Believable Buff in our home office and hallways.

  2. Your color palette is so pretty Jane!! I love the warm and cool together…..so pleasing to the eye. You have created such a beautiful home for your family!

    1. Thank you Lisa! After 8 years of updates..it's finally coming together :)


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