May 22, 2014

Metallic Mix Up - Silver & Gold Home Accessories


Hey guys, today I thought I'd share a few finds from my latest Houzz Ideabook titled...Metallic Mix Up - Silver & Gold

Have you ever found it difficult choosing silver or gold in your home's decor?  I have, especially since silver has been so popular in recent years.  I know many of our kitchen/bathroom and lighting fixtures are brushed silver.  But now Gold is making a comeback, which I love too.  So what's a girl to do?  I say choose both!  Here are a few fabulous home accessories and furnishings with both silver and gold...

Ahhh, I seriously am in LOVE with these two toned designs!  And I love the idea that we can keep our existing brushed silver fixtures, and start adding a mix of metals to our home.  And gold can glam up a space effortlessly, I love that.  So  I say mix it up and have fun!  Life is too short to be stressing over whether the metals in your home match ;)

Okay you can check out the entire Ideabook here.

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  1. I love silver and gold. Those storage boxes are so pretty!

    1. I do too Beth. I think silver and gold together actually balance one another!


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