April 7, 2014

Contributing Today at Do More for Less....

Hey guys, I'm contributing today over at Old Time Pottery's blog... Do More for Less!  Come see some how I found a few home accessories in the perfect shade of green to complete our Family Room Makeover.  And I even found a great jewelry box for my daughter's bedroom from OTP.

Here's a sneak peek...

Seriously if you love to decorate on a budget, you have to go to Old Time Pottery! For me it's like a treasure hunt every time I shop there.

FYI...the ampersand above is from Restoration Hardware.  That's my secret to decorating on a budget.  I mix affordable pieces with higher end ones ;)  So what's your latest fabulous home decor find?  

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  1. I love using the 'secret' too Jane for my decorating! ;-) Checking it out now!

    1. Love "the secret" Vel ;) So much fun mixing the hi with the low!

  2. You are truly the "BOMB" !! I love how this project looks.. You make everything look so simple.
    Interior Design, 2014’s Color Trends For Your Home

    1. Thank you Laura...for the most part everything is very simple! My theory is that decorating shouldn't be too hard, or break the bank!


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