December 2, 2013

Latest Houzz Ideabook...fresh and modern Holiday decor!


Hey guys, today I thought I'd give you a sneak peek at my latest Houzz Ideabook! Well the holidays are upon us, and you know what that’s time to start decorating for Christmas! As much as I love the tradition of using our same decorations each year, some of my older holiday decor is starting to look dark and dated.  So let's lighten up this year!  Check out my picks for Holiday decor that's all about vibrant color, modern silhouettes and geometric patterns. 

Guest Picks:  Vibrant Color and Modern Silhouettes for a Fresh Christmas!

Switch Studio - Etsy

Vixen Goods - Etsy


WeirdLittleWorld - Etsy

Two White Owls - Etsy

Ahhh, Etsy is a great resource for one of a kind Holiday decor that is anything but ordinary.  And stag heads are a huge trend right now.  Oh and the green hue of that wreath…Love, LOVE!

Alright guys, check out the complete Ideabook here

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  1. Everything looks festive and fabulous!

  2. Thanks Vel, I'm ready to lighten up this Christmas with a few new pieces..

  3. Great ideas! I just love that cool wreath! Etsy is the best!

  4. These are all really nice picks. My favorite is the wood plaque by Red Envelope.

  5. Great picks! I love the deer pillow by Vixen Goods!!!
    Have a great week!

  6. Thanks guys, I'm loving them all! If only I could buy all new Christmas decor ;)

  7. I love that color of green in the stocking and wreath! Great stuff!


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