October 29, 2013

Go chic this Halloween with skulls!


Ack, have you seen these chic skull picks from the blog Sadie & Stella!  So much fun!  Go here to catch the links to each of these fabulous finds.

I was inspired to add a little skull glam to our Halloween decor this year.  And sure enough at World Market over the week-end while shopping with my sweet daughter we found this fun, sparkly skull below - love him ;)

Here are a few other ways we decorate for Halloween...

Yup, it's simple, simple around here.  I never go overboard with Halloween decorations mainly because they're only out for like a month.  We add just enough decor to reflect the season, and then on Halloween night we (carefully) light tons of candles for a beautiful night time glow! 

Okay guys is decorating for Halloween a big deal in your house, or not so much?  And if it is, what's your favorite Halloween decor find?

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  1. I'm all set with my skulls too Jane, love the lamp the most!

    1. I need more skulls, may have to hit the Halloween clearance section this year! I love that blog Sadie & Stella!

  2. Replies
    1. It's fun decorating for any Holiday, and the look is chic and modern - I love that!


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