September 16, 2013

Latest Houzz Ideabook - A Master Bedroom that's Hotel Chic - on the cheap!

Hey guys, come check out my latest Houzz Ideabook!  I'm having so much fun both contributing and sourcing affordable home decor finds each month. 

And this month, I really got thrifty with this design. It's titled...A Master Bedroom Suite that's Hotel Chic, on the Cheap!  These are just a few of the picks above.  The actual Ideabook even includes bath accessories for a spa like retreat.

To give you an idea of how affordable a few of these pieces are, this modern dresser above from Ikea is priced at just $150.  And the classic club chairs are just $367 each from  Even the bedding set is under $100.  Yup, crazy savings and so much fun!

Okay guys, go here to Houzz and check it out!

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  1. I love when people come up with affordable versions. I like doing that, too. It's so interesting to see what each blogger comes up with. I'm heading over to houzz to check things out!

    1. Thanks, my all time favorite is Copy Cat Chic!


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