August 20, 2013

Style stools & drum tables!


Do you want to know a secret?  I am totally smitten with garden stools and drum tables.  Yup, I just can't get enough of these attractive yet functional and versatile stools.  You can sit on them, garden on them, wink wink ;)   Even set one next to a sofa or chair in your family room for a cool place to set a drink or book.  Heck you can even use a few of these around your Fire pit this Fall for extra seating! 

I really can't think of a more versatile piece of furniture.  So let's swoon over a few tables & stools in warm Autumn hues shall we?

Floral Garden Stool - Pier One $99.99

Safavieh Paradise Treasures Gold Ceramic Garden Stool - Overstock $110.99

Embossed Garden Stool - Pier One $99.99

Cala Hammered Drum Table - World Market $89.99

Hourglass Metal Drum Table - World Market $69.99

Wow, World Market has an Awesome new selection of drum tables, love em'...especially this last one!  And Pier One has a few new ceramic stools in deep warm Fall colors.  And the gold one above from Overstock will add instant glamour to any space!

Okay guys, I know Summer is almost over.  But garden stools and drum tables are versatile enough to work all year round - indoors or outdoors!  And you know what's Amazing, almost all of these featured above are on SALE.  That, my friend, is fabulous!

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  1. I love them too Jane! Have them all over my house!! love all your choices especially the ones from Overstock! Cheers for SALES!!!

  2. I've been eyeballing drum tables/garden stools for my living room for AGES. I'm loving that World Market carries them now :)

    1. I know, World Market is one of my favorite places for fun n' trendy home decor. And it doesn't break the bank, love that!

  3. I love garden stools too. I have 3, I would probably have more if I had a place to use them. Hugs, marty

    1. Marty I have one in our Family Room and LOVE it! I want another for our screened porch!!

  4. Gorgeous! I have a Boho inspired bedroom and I actually got a couple of drum tables (similar to the last photo). I dress up the bedroom with colorful bedspreads I got from Morocco, the jewel tones plus the drum tables are perfect together!


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