June 6, 2013

A Few of my Favorite Things...


Hi guys!  This is totally random...but today I thought I'd share a few of my favorite things for the home!  Whether just pretty or functional or usually a combination of both.  These items below are my tried and true favorites!  Check em' out...
Crate & Barrel

1.  Large Bowls.  Many people get stuck on finding a great centerpiece for their coffee table or dining room table.  Well I love large scale bowls, like this one above from Crate & Barrel.  And they can be super functional too.  We have a large bamboo bowl on our kitchen table that holds fruit.  This gold one above is absolutely fabulous and is on my wish list!

2.  Solid White Towels.  Nothing says clean like white towels!  I actually buy mine from Costco.  They carry towels that are made for the hospitality industry.  And let me tell you these babies wash over and over again with bleach, and without falling apart.  And with kid one who plays baseball nearly year round, I love that!

3.  Black Shutters.   Painting your old faded blue shutters a fresh coat of black paint can instantly update a house.  I've seen several homes in our traditional neighborhood do this and I absolutely swoon when I see the After.  And it's such a classic look.  Black shutters will never go out of style.


4.  Coffee Table Books.  Are you stumped on what to put on that new coffee table?  Well stack books.  This is the most simple decorating trick in the book, no pun intended;)  They're beautiful to look at and read.  And they add color and even height to flat spaces.

Everyday Suede Fabric (Pottery Barn)

5.  Pottery Barn's Everyday Suede fabric.  We just recently purchased a Pottery Barn sofa almost a year ago, and this fabric is so luxurious yet family friendly.  If you have a small spill all you do is take a wet rag and blot the mark with water, then blot again, soaking up more liquid with a paper towel.  Then once the fabric dries, simply rub the fabric in one or two directions with your hand, and voila...no stains.  It's like magic ;)

6.  A fabulous mirror.  In my opinion, almost every room can use a good mirror.  Whether a large classic shaped mirror, or a more trendy option such as a Sunburst mirror that can be hung alone or in groupings.  There are so many options today, the possibilities are endless.   So hang a mirror... you'll find texture, contrast and will even reflect more light back into the room!

Okay guys these are just a few of my favorite things.  What are your favorite things?  Leave a comment below and tell us!

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  1. Fun blog Jane! I love renewing old treasures. Looks like you have a passion for that too! Look forward to your future posts!

    1. Thanks for your comment Ruthie! I see that one of your favorite things is painting furniture. I just saw some of your Amazing transformations! Beautiful ;)

  2. I love that mirror and the books! I have so many favorite things, I don't even know where to start ;)

  3. Jane, I just painted my shutters black! Yeah! They were a faded country blue, and what a difference the black makes!

    1. Isn't it Amazing the difference? So classic and elegant. I've always had a thing for black shutters!

  4. One favorite is a large glass lidded jar. It's my favorite because of what it holds. It holds seasonal decorations, and it often holds collections... like my son's rock collection. It has even housed a completed built Lego ship.

    1. Very cool! I can only imagine the possibilities...wine corks, shells, river rocks. Thanks for sharing!


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