May 30, 2013

A pop of color on the porch & deck!


Wow, everything is so beautiful & green right now in the Carolina's!  

After taking my kids to school this morning I thought to myself... I should take a few pictures now while everything is so green and lush.  And we added a fun pop of color to our outdoor spaces this year as well.  A little red on the porch and patio and we are loving it!  Check it out...

I picked up these fun poufs from Target.  If you need extra seating on a porch or patio...these are a great solution.  And my kids love them!

This year I decided to keep our outdoor color scheme simple.  Mainly we have monochromatic spaces with a few pops of red.  And there certainly is no lack of greenery in our half acre wooded back yard.

In years past I've always put our planters and pots on the deck.  That is until I realized all the water and moisture were ruining the paint.  So now I only have two ferns by the screened door.  All my other pots are scattered around the house.  This grouping above sits at the corner of our driveway.

And here's our Diy fire pit that we built last Fall.  We absolutely love this area and use it all the time!  If you missed the story on this project click here to see how we built this entire fire pit area in just a few week-ends!  

Okay guys, are you ready to get outside and entertain this Summer with family and friends?  We sure are ;)

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  1. It's looking really fabulous, and that pop of red is just the right 'kick'!

  2. Your yard, deck and porch are all looking wonderful. Great job. Love the pops of color. Hugs, Marty

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks we do too! We actually bought them on a whim for a party where we needed extra seating. But their just so functional and fun! And the kids love them!

  4. What a fabulous back yard space! I love your firepit and the pouffs are sooo adorable!!

  5. I love your deck! The pouffs were a great idea for sitting and prettiness. :)

  6. Your outdoor space is sooo nice. And your Tar-jay poufs add such a fun and functional touch. So glad I popped over from our fb group to visit. Your blog really is Fabulous. perfect name btw ;)
    Cheers to you and yours,
    Therese @ Fresh Idea Studio

    1. Thank you Therese...just stopped by your blog and love it!


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