April 26, 2013

A Cool Blue Mood Board Design...


Hey guys TGIF!  Today I'd like to share my latest  Mood Board Room Design I whipped up for a client this week...

The sofas were purchased by the Clients recently for their new home.  So I set out to create a space that's chic, elegant and updated.  Here' we've got a color scheme of blues, browns, creams...and green.  Very cool and relaxing.

So what do you guys think?  My favorite part of the room is the shag rug.  Love, love the texture of a good shag rug!  Oh and those 95 inch contrast band curtain panels are a great find too at around $37 each.

Yup, Fabulous...for less!  That's what we're all about ;)

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  1. I think it looks great and agree with the rug. Did the pillows come with the set? Or did you add those? I think a touch bluish-grey (like the curtains) on the pillows would make them stand out more. Great job dear, have a great weekend!

  2. Love this color scheme! Exactly what I'm trying to achieve in my living room! I have to know where the curtains are from for only $37!!! Please do tell!!

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  4. Love the room!!! Agree that the pillows need a little color to make the room pop. Great job!


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