February 25, 2013

Modern Wingback Love...


Today I'm Inspired by simple Wingback Chairs!  But not just any ole' wingback chair.  I'm talkin' about these new wing backs...sleek, stylish & modern!  

These aren't the chairs our Parents and Grandparents had in their formal living rooms back in the 70's and 80's, remember those?  These are different with straight up modern and contemporary lines..check em' out...

World Market, Nutmeg Elliott Wingback Chair -  sale $279.99

Home Decorators, Moore Wingback Chair - sale $439.00

World Market, Caper Elliott Wingback Chair - sale $279.99

Zinc Door, Sullivan Chair - $1132.00 

Ahhh, so fun...with their curvy lines and nailhead trim!  Well they say everything old becomes new again. These definitely are a new design, based on a traditional favorite.

Modern.  Wingback.  LOVE!

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  1. I love wingback chairs! I use one for my office chair. : )


  2. Oh, that orange one is fabulous.
    Love wingback chairs. I'm a cheapo and have the Ikea Strandmon wingback.I love it

  3. Well if your a cheap, then you've come to the right blog, lol!! The orange one is from World Market. Love the teal blue too.


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