February 12, 2013

Trash to Treasure Tuesday...


It's Trash to Treasure Tuesday, Wahoo...love this day!  Today I am swooning over this simple chair revamp from Sash to Treasure!   Here's the before, yup...dark and dated.  And check out that floral fabric, early 1980's all the way!

But ahhh, the After...

Wow, distressed white paint & burlap fabric give this chair an old farm house vibe with loads of character and charm.

Okay guys, give Nicole a shout over at Sash to Treasure!

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  1. Thanks Jane!! You have totally made my day!! God bless!

    1. You are welcome Nicole...Thank You for your awesome project. Simply inspiring.

  2. What a beautiful transformation! Those chairs look terrific. Hope you are having a wonderful day. -Al


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