December 17, 2012



My heart aches for the beautiful children, teachers and staff lost in the Sandy Hook Elementary shootings.  There really is no way to even begin to understand why someone would commit such horrific and evil acts.

My thoughts and prayers are with those precious children's Mothers, Fathers, Grandparents, siblings, classmates, friends and loved ones.  We will never forget their bravery.

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  1. Hi Jane.. I wanted to thank you for your
    sweet comments on my blog.. As you, I am
    so upset and have been having so much
    trouble trying to not think.. but the
    Presidents talk at the memorial last
    night made me feel a bit better. He did
    not say what he will do but you could
    feel the anger in his heart and will
    do his best to get something done about
    High powered Guns and Mental Health.. it's needed
    once and for all!
    God bless those little souls.
    Take care of you!

  2. I got the same feeling from the President's speech...that new procedures and policies will be put into place to help safeguard students and staff in schools. We certainly can't sit back and do nothing, and I think Pres. Obama made that point. Thanks for commenting Sandy and Julia!

  3. My heart is heavy with grief for these families. I appreciate your words of faith in these trying times. God bless you and your family.


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