December 5, 2012

A Few Holiday Vignettes...


I have a confession...our tree isn't decorated yet.  I know it's always the last thing that gets finished in our home.  However I have completed a few Holiday vingnettes I'd like to share.

Our heirloom blanket chest below got a whole new Holiday look this year with the addition of 2 fabulous reindeer and a tree from Steinmart!  Love their shimmery silver finish and their larger size.  The red present in the back is actually a gallery wrapped canvas art piece that I simply wrapped with wrapping paper to add more color.  Not sure but I may use a white winter wrapping paper and all silver balls...for a total winter/white theme.  If I do change it up...I'll keep you posted on that.

Here's our mantle below.  Love the red topiaries that balance and add height to this space.   Our Christmas stockings are the same we've used for the past 13 years.  Of course I'd love to buy all new chic and modern stockings...but Christmas is about family and memories, so I tend to keep what my kids have loved year after year, and then add in a few updated Holiday pieces every now and again.

So how do you decorate for the Holidays, do you re-use the same decorations year after year, or periodically get rid of the old and bring in the latest and most up to date Holiday styles?

I'm thinking about a whole new winter/white theme where even our mantle above would get a whole new look.

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  1. I've been using the same stuff since I was 18 and had my first apartment. Of course, I've added over the years, and things have been broken and replaced, but it's essentially the same. I change up how I use things each year though, so it doesn't feel stuffy.

    We have been using the same stockings for years - it just so happened that the year I had #3, #2 had a preschool project to paint a stocking. So I never bought one for #3, just started using #2's old one for him, since #2 loves his personal art piece (he is my artist, in termperment and talent!)

  2. I use the same things as before but I don't have too much stuff, usually traveling to see family....cute stocking!

  3. I tend to change things up from time to time, but have some tried and true items I keep each year.

    Your decorations are beautiful. :0)

    1. Thank you Sonia! If I do change up the mantle, then I'll have to re-locate those items elsewhere.

  4. I mostly use the same stuff but bring in new things here and there.
    Love the sparkle on you dresser!

    1. Thanks too! So fun to add a little bling during the Holidays! Today I'm off to find some silver mercury glass candle votives for the mantle. My goal is to try and visually connect those two areas.


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