July 24, 2012

Our Half Bath...Makeover!

I'm so excited today...our half bath makeover is finally finished!  Remember I removed our dated wallpaper and flower border, then added grasscloth paper to our small half bath?  Then we switched out those shiny brass light fixtures with brushed nickel ones. 
Buh, bye flowered wallpaper border...hello sleek and sophisticated!

Here's the crazy wallpaper I removed below.  Literally it looked like mustard colored sponge painted paper with a flower border...yuck!  All I can say is don't judge because we didn't hang it.  But we did manage to buy a house with it ;)

And the After one more time...

Ahhh, it's like a thousand times better!  Love the brushed nickel light fixture and faucet.  We snagged those from Lowe's...very affordable.  Notice how the lighting points to the ceiling.  This trick makes the ceilings look and feel taller.  The mirror I bought at Ikea for just $50.  I love how the dark, chunky frame contrasts with the neutral grasscloth!

Okay, updating a small half bath...for less.  Mini makeovers like this are one of my favorite things!

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  1. Oh, so much better! Cool tip (pointing the lights to the ceiling). Little things sometimes make such a BIG difference!

    1. Thanks Kathie, I love that tip. It makes ceilings look tall!

  2. looks fantastic! Love the grasscloth!

  3. Thank you...we love it guys!!


  4. Great small bathroom. I just LOVE grasscloth.Good job!

  5. Ah, that is sooooo much better! good job :-) I just finished our bathroom too....turned the light towards the ceiling, it's just fun that way huh ;-)

    1. So fun and makes ceilings look taller, love that!


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