May 8, 2012

Our New Pottery Barn Sofa!



Now this is how I love to start my day!  Not that it happens all that often ;) Before I show you our new's a shot of our previous one.

She's been fabulous, but it's time for this traditional n' over sized beauty to make way for a new look...the PB Comfort Square Upholstered Sofa!  She fits right in next to our cream shag rug and round coffee table.  And the cool gray color called "Pewter", balances nicely with our warm beige walls...

So far this sofa is everything we thought it would be...stylish, affordable, comfortable with a crazy quick delivery.  But let me warn you about the color.  Pottery Barn's website showed this "Pewter" colored sofa as this...

Pottery Barn

Obviously the real version is much lighter.  For us this worked out perfectly because I was worried the couch might be too dark.  So when it came all light n' bright...I was super happy. 

Okay so that's our new sofa!  If you've ordered furniture from Pottery Barn recently...what was your experience like?  It's all good over here.

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  1. Oh how I LOVE furniture delivery days - it's the grown up version of Christmas morning I think! The new sofa looks beautiful - great choice. Paula x

  2. Oh I love it and looks great in the room! If only this truck could make a stop by my place!

  3. Congrats on the new sofa! How exciting to get new stuff....

  4. My favorite thing is seeing a furniture delivery truck outside of my house. It doesn't happen that often here but when it does, it makes me do a happy dance. Love your new sofa.

  5. That sofa looks fantastic in your room! :)

  6. Thanks guys...I am feel in' the sofa LOVE! Or PB love that is.


  7. Your new sofa looks great - the pillows would look fabulous and tie it all together!

  8. I have these exact pillows from etsy! I get compliments on them all the time! Love the new couch!

  9. Love the sofa, but I like getting exactly what I pick out....glad you let us know about the color difference. Are your leather chairs recliners? I am searching for stylish recliners cause' Mr B2U has to have a recliner, and I hate those big fluffy things. Can't wait to see the pillows you pick.
    Creatively yours, Lori

  10. Love the new sofa...fabulous and the color and shape are perfect for your room.

  11. I love the new sofa! I have a question about your room. We also have our tv above our fireplace. I noticed that none of your furniture faces the tv - do you turn the chairs to watch?

    1. Hi, just saw this! We do not turn the chairs, we just face the TV and it works great!

  12. Yea for your new sofa. I'm glad the color worked out. I'm looking a for a sofa in the advertised color, do you I think I would sorely disappointed?



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